“Amy identified issues for our company that our current counsel handling the international matters for China had missed completely. She even pointed out, in a 15-minute conversation, that our key mark we thought had been registered in China seven years ago was not registered at all. This discovery lead to a rather embarrassing situation for our company’s current counsel. I find Amy to be knowledgeable and through…Our business is extremely happy we finally have a trusted counsel for China.”

“Guys, I will fill in more Monday but wanted you to know [our CEO] was highly complimentary of Amy during the trip. Described her as very bright and savvy. Nothing you don’t know, but wanted to share”

“Amy is not your typical Chinese… She is a bad ass. She understands [our] businesses, explains issues with clarity, and comes up with creative and practical solutions in the crazy world of China.”

“Amy is a very strong attorney with highly specialized knowledge of Greater China trademark issues… we rely on Amy entirely to address complex Asia issues involving the rebranding of [a Fortune 100 publicly traded company in the US] – a high profile project for our Company… Amy continues to superbly manage our Greater China trademarks with amazing skills.”

“Amy and her team are able to eliminate the time and expenses associated with translation and multiple layers of communication; Amy personally reads, writes and comments on legal briefs in Chinese and English and counsels clients directly with tailored advice.”

“Amy is uniquely positioned to help clients safeguard their brands both here and overseas, offering a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework in the U.S. and in PRC China, Greater China and Asia.”