– when it comes to branding in China, we have seen (and heard) it all.

There is a need to understand exactly HOW the system works in China. There is also a need to articulate HOW these system differences would impact on Western companies operating or thinking to expand to China. China is no longer the wild West; it is the biggest market in the world.

LAST WEEK IN CHINA is the first-ever blog dedicated to bringing China trademark HOT topics to the Western world on a regular basis. We believe sharing knowledge is the key – especially the accurate information along with analysis backed up by years of experience.

This is why we’ve created this blog.



We are a group of attorneys with a collection 100+ years of experience growing and protecting IP rights in China and throughout Asia.  In here, you will receive tips directly from attorneys who have argued in front of China Supreme Court, business veterans who have years of executing anticounterfeiting strategies on the ground, and policy makers who have spearheaded crucial changes over the years.  We help businesses obtain enforceable patent rights, cause disruptions to infringers and bad faith squatters and create strategy designed to minimize business risks and maximize opportunities. 

Put simply, this is a place where we share talks, tips and tools we’ve learned from dealing with IP issues every day so that you get updates directly from the frontline.

Intellectual Property

We have unparalleled experience in enforcing Patents/trademarks both in court and before administrative agencies. The China practice team leads investigations, assists government officials with raid actions and customs seizures, and works with the client to craft creative, effective and sensible business strategies for the region. Equally important, the China practice team works with the client’s US patent prosecutors to ensure the client obtains valuable, enforceable patent claims in China (as opposed to simply translating the claims from English and Chinese), as well as designs custom patent portfolio strategies leveraging off China’s unique patent system.

Licensing and Transactional

We are well versed in negotiation and dealings with the Middle Kingdom. Ken Chang focuses much of his practice on obtaining favorable business outcomes for his clients, whether it be setting up supply chains, out-licensing technology to a Chinese manufacturer, negotiating cooperation and joint venture segments, or establishing a corporate presence in China.

We have worked with a number of industries in China, including biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, consumer electronics, automotive parts, textiles and design services. Our experience and on-the-ground know-how gives clients an edge while doing business in China.

Business Strategies

Sometimes, it’s not a legal issue. The client just needs some advice and a calming voice with experience in the region. A sounding board to sift through the misdirection and what might have been lost in translation. Push harder or back off a bit. Out team has been there. A lot. Working halfway around the world is never easy, and yet our China Practice team thrives in this environment.

We serve as trusted advisor to clients who are looking for that extra piece of wisdom to close a deal or proceed with a business strategy involving China. This experience serves as the value-added proposition unique to our teams, and why clients enjoy working with us.


Amy Hsiao



Amy Hsiao is recognized as a thought-leader in the area of trademarks and copyright in China. Amy was selected by China’s former Deputy Secretary-General of China’s Trademark Association as the only Western attorney to work ona book involving in-depth analysis of top 26 landmark cases.

Published by Wolters Kluwer, her book is viewed as China’s first trademark textbook for the Western world adn described as “the single indispensable source on China Trademark Law”. Amy has pursued trademark cases through all levels of China’s system and had achieved over 100 opposition win.

Amy works with policy makers from the U.S. and Europe on trademark arbitrations, criminal counterfeit seizures, anti-counterfeiting programs and product recalls.

Amy started out her career as a corporate finance attorney doing cross-border translations between US and Asia. She has since worked for some of the world’s largest law firms focusing on brand strategies and transactions. Amy is a partner at Adsero and is also a US counsel to one of the largest IP law firms in Beijing.

Amy serves as a subject matter expert at various organizations. For example, she is the Vice Chair of China IP section at ABA (American Bar Association). She has also been elected to serve as a standing member of the International IP Task Force of ABA.

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